Tom Bendy

About the work

I’m working on a game with another student – it’s a wave-based game and you need to survive as long as possible while gaining in-game points. The game is set in the mid-19th century. We are making as many of the assets as possible to get our 3D modelling skills and texturing skills better, which bring new challenges with it.

The best part is we can work off each other and work out new tools and then teach them each other, and we are finding this very efficient.

Student Bio

At Confetti there are many opportunities from the weekly lessons where you learn different areas of the industry from the two-game engine, to 3D modelling of assets.

We also get to experience Industry Week where we get to talk to people who have been in roles across the industry and get a glimpse of what they’re working on – such as the Alexa-style AI we heard about at a talk this year.

Check out more work from Tom on LinkedIn.

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