Tyla Saxon

About the work

I decided to do a podcast about how we can beat the stigma around mental health through the arts. I chose this subject because it’s something very close to me and I believe there is not enough awareness surrounding the stigma associated with mental health. I then got in touch with clothing brand, What Label who raise funds for mental health, autism and physical disabilities who agreed to sponsor my podcast.

After I had perfected my idea, I began a marketing campaign to promote the podcast, which consisted of online posters, video adverts and polls. I also contacted other organisations to see if they would help share the advertising campaign, of which a few agreed to, such as Autism Mental Health Awareness and CAHMS Nottingham. As the time grew closer to the deadline, I started to create my podcast.

I made the entire podcast by myself, which included the recording, mixing and video editing. On the release date of the podcast I also started a fundraiser, where 100% of the profits will be going to the chosen charities of What Label.

Student Bio

I started my final year of the course in September 2020 and since then I have achieved so much with the help of Confetti.

My greatest achievement this year was making my Beat The Stigma video podcast which raised funds and awareness for mental health. Making the podcast then gave me the skills I needed to apply for my current job role as Head of Marketing for the Prospect Music Award!

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