Tyrese Walsh

About the work

My submission is a game I have been solo-developing for a few months called Project: Xero. Project: Xero is a top-down, arena shooter developed using Unreal Engine blueprints and, to me, is the final test of what I have learned throughout my time at Confetti. The player’s objective in Project: Xero is to go through waves of enemies, defeating them which will give you points and increase your score. As I was solo developing this game, I spent most of my time programming the mechanics as that was what I was best at. Because I didn’t have dedicated team members to help with the other parts of the game, I chose the more resourceful route and used a lot of third-party assets to fill in where I couldn’t. Overall, this was a very fun experience for me and taught me a lot of new things that will help me in the future.

Student Bio

Since starting at Confetti in 2018, I have come a long way in the development of my employable skills, which I mainly learned from my tutors, and my personal skills, which I have developed through my general experiences at Confetti. During my time here I have had numerous opportunities to learn from those employed in the gaming industry during events such as the two Industry Weeks I have attended.

During these events I have learned a lot about the industry and what would be expected of me if I were to be employed. I have also learned what it takes to enter such a competitive industry and that knowledge has helped me greatly with setting tasks that I need to achieve to reach my goal of becoming a programmer in the gaming industry.

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