Wesley Hanford

About the work

The work I have exhibited is ‘Lights in the shadow’ which is a game about depression, following your journey to recovery and the obstacles you face along the way, before – finally – confronting yourself. This project was complex idea to complete, and I wish to keep challenging myself to continue improving my skills. I created the game using my own assets and others and using pro-builder and complex shapes to build the levels.

Student Bio

The opportunities such as Industry Week and trips to game expos gave me the best opportunities to build up connections and get ready to go into the industry. The groups are superb, and the support and teaching is excellent at Confetti.

During my time studying at Confetti, I learned and refined my skills and pushed what I can create. I have taken many roles in projects, to improve on my weaker areas. My projects include 2D side scroller games, 3D exploration games and 3D environments.

I am progressing onto the FdSc Games Production Technology degree.

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