Will Moffat

About the work

This project started with me sitting down on a Tuesday morning at my computer, starting with looking back at a fusion lesson involving some Persian chanting and I felt like writing a piece based on that, my original thoughts were “Dick Dale meets Indiana Jones in the Middle East” and then I just started plugging my keyboard in and noodling around underneath some Persian chanting; and I don’t really remember most of the process.

Later I submitted it to my fusion teacher Naim Cortazzi and he decided to feature it in a lesson. Some of the feedback included allowing another build-up, I then went back and wasn’t really in the same mood, I was feeling more African infused but still more horn-based. I later ended up with a slightly messy, almost dance style sort of African horn section with the middle-eastern scale.

Student Bio

I’ve been studying at Confetti for over a year now and have gone through a journey where I’ve discovered what I want to do as a musician.

The opportunities I have experienced at Confetti have included going to BBC Introducing, as well as also having the pleasures of meeting lots of industry-savvy people such as Eric Longley and Nick Raphael.

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