Confetti Live – Subway Conversations

About the work

Throughout May and June our college-level students hosted a series of Confetti Live live stream from our music & events hub Metronome. Combining all the skills they have learned throughout the year and the industry-standard tech at their disposal on the course, they invited Confetti bands and Nottingham-based artists for exclusive online performances available publicly through the Confetti Youtube channel.

On Wednesday 26 May, our students worked with Confetti alt-rock band Subway Conversations to stream an hour-long set of the band’s best tracks and covers.

Subway Conversations are an alt rock band from Nottingham formed by Confetti students. After previously performing at Rough Trade in Nottingham and winning the Noise of the Next Generation competition in 2020, the band have now released their first single ‘Sweet 16’. Follow them on Twitter to hear more:

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College students from all of our music courses finished the academic year with a bang, after being given the chance to gain hands-on experience in the industry! 

Leading the charge were our Level 3 Live and Technical Events students, who spent four weeks meticulously planning every detail; this included production management, technical set-up, lighting, sound and the live stream. On the day, the students, along with help from our Live and Technical Events tutors, made sure that all aspects of the technical production went smoothly. 

The event was an overwhelming success, and all students involved should feel very proud for putting on a live event and broadcasting out to hundreds of viewers. 

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