Ezekiel Arzac

About the work

When presented with the chance of being able to conduct my own project, I wanted to make the project relevant and useful for my own purposes. Due to COVID-19, I was being deprived of studio time as an artist and producer. Creating my own studio as a project was beneficial in multiple ways, as I could offer mixing and mastering services. I painted, decorated, and created acoustic panels to deliver the best quality I could get for the budget I set myself.

To document the project, I recorded vlogs and took photos of my progress. Networking was also I huge part of this project. I was able to get some work with Nottingham Global Roots Festival where I was given the task of creating their 2021 logo and digital branding.

This project helped me gain experience and knowledge for future projects that could result in funding.

Student Bio

I never thought attending Confetti would be part of my educational journey, however I’ve immensely enjoyed every second of my time with the college. Being shown a new career path alongside professional guidance provided by Confetti I have started to create my own career path in the music industry.

My favorite part about my journey with confetti is the trip to London to experience BBC Introducing. Being able to hear likeminded artists and producers speak on their experiences has really made me excited to be a part of the ever-growing music industry.

I have now applied for a Music Business Degree to furthermore feed my hunger and passion for Music.

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