Pedro Porto Rovina

About the work

“The Show Must Go On” is a group horror short film that was produced as part of our horror assignment. The idea was to take something that was child friendly and innocent like a children’s TV program and make it scary. In the end, we came up with the character of Booper, an animatronic clown from a cancelled TV show who tries to replicate his show segments by kidnapping people as his “special guests” and killing them by the end. The concept also helped us to explore the idea of an animatronic killer, a horror movie gimmick that is starting to pop up with movies like “The Banana Splits Movie” (2019) and “Willy’s Wonderland” (2021).

I think we succeeded at the end with the type of story and emotions we wanted to transmit. We could have improved with a more variety of shots and we could have used more clown-related props for the set, but we did a great job for what we had. And during this short, I was able to develop my writing, acting and editing skills all at the same time, and that is the reason I consider it one of my best projects this year.

Student Bio

I’m a twenty-year-old Brazilian who’s living in the UK for almost two years now. My ambition is to follow a career in the creative industry as either a movie director, a storyteller or an actor, so I applied tothe  TV and Film Production and I started my studies in 2020. This was the first time I got the chance to learn how movies and series are usually made with a bit more detail and what type of techniques a production crew should use. Even with the most recent pandemic restrictions, not only I was able to develop the skills I already practised before like writing, acting and editing, but I also learned new skills like operating other equipment and writing pre-production documents. Thanks to some great colleagues and tutors, my first Confetti experience has been helpful for me.

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