Deanna Marie Ebblewhite

About the work

I like to share one of the projects I’ve done at college. For this unit part of the Level 3 music course, a student is required to make music and export it into a movie clip so that he or she can write up evidence about the finished composition on OneNote and because that I am great at doing music, I have been reworking a John Williams score from the Steven Spielberg adventure film Jurassic Park using Logic Pro X.

Combining my original motifs with influences of the John Williams piece, its bold, adventurous and tense composition fits well with this movie clip and I think Mr. Spielberg will be proud of my music score if he had listened to it for the first time.

Student Bio

My first half of the Level 3 Music Performance and Songwriting course was really good. Since the last two years of Confetti, I was improving myself as a singer-songwriter, producer and rapper because recently, I’ve managed to mix and master my songs on a digital audio workstation at home and at college without support.

During the lockdown, I went to online gig nights in Events and Community on Teams, I recorded video clips of some prolific music producers getting advice about the music industry part of my assignment during Industry Week, watched an old war film, participated in Nottingham Poetry Festival meetings with Henry Normal on Zoom and saw a few Livestream concert performances from Nottingham-based artists and bands at Metronome.

My aspiration is to earn a place at Nottingham Trent University because I want to get a degree in music and sign a record deal with Denizen Recordings. I want to connect with other people locally and internationally because I like to work with them on their music projects, either by writing songs or producing music.

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