Zoe Aitken

About the work

In general, if I’m going to do an original piece I will work with my group to decide on the genre, overall atmosphere, and song structure. Then afterwards, while the other musicians in my group figure out what chord progression they would like to use, I will begin writing lyrics to the music and creating a melody.

If I’m going to do a cover piece I will decide on a song I’d like to do for the basic vibe of the selected genre and then discuss with the rest of the group how we’d like to change the song to suit our style.

For example Party Police, we wanted to fuse indie with Latin, mixing it up with different instrument techniques that are essential to the particular style and accurate to the historical theme; I kept to the original melody, combining soft and loud vocals to create the indie aspect with lower harmonies to accompany the voice. The piano moved like a wave with the drums, creating the feeling of melancholy and exoticness which in turn could captivate the audience and deeply convey the message of the song.


Student Bio

I’m Zoe, a small solo artist from Nottingham. Even though my main genre is indie, it could also be described as dream pop or alt-rock.

My main aspiration is to become a good enough musician to make a living so I can comfort more people with my music, as for me and a lot of people I know music can be used as a coping mechanism and I want to help make people happier.

Starting Confetti, I didn’t know how to write lyrics or play an instrument. However, this course has helped me to discover new techniques and skills and encouraged me to try new things. While I mainly sing, I’ve had the opportunity of experimenting with playing instruments such as the bass and ukulele.

Additionally, I learned about all the different varieties of jobs you can get in the music industry alongside songwriting/performance like a booking agent or manager.

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