Jake Scrimshaw

About the work

The project I am submitting is my Composition Portfolio and Solo EP. This was a very engaging and interesting project I had produced, it was to be put on a website as well, which was fun. I had set myself a target at the very start of the project and I then documented my weekly progress, I chose the target of writing a song in the hope to go on my solo EP. It was really enjoyable writing weekly blogs and talking about how the process was going each week, it was also very interesting looking back at the end of my project time to see the progressions I’d made and it has helped me with the way I write now.

I filmed all my musical practice and rehearsals and uploaded the videos to YouTube each week and posted them on my blogs for people to see my progression evidence each week.



Student Bio

I began my time at Confetti in September 2019 – it has been a very exciting time for me and it has helped a lot in my maturing. Confetti was very impressive right from when I had my interview, and it only got better with events, such as Industry Week, where I got to meet professionals in the industry I want to be a part of. At Confetti I have taken as many performing opportunities as I can and it has certainly contributed to my experience of being a musician and hopefully one day a professional musician.

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