Savannah Ruthann Dillon

About the work

This project was a fusion music task in which we decided to fuse the song ‘Trouble So Hard’. For this song, I had to belt in the chorus to accompany the rock feel, however, at the beginning and end of the song, I sing the chorus through in a bluesy style and even add in a whistle note. This further helps to achieve a fusion genre as it adds another interesting element to the song.

We chose to have Frank rap in the verses to add more versatility to the song and completely change it from its original state. Rap music tends to always be to a beat and have a set tempo whereas ‘Trouble So Hard’ is sung without any accompaniment, therefore Sam had to create a beat on the drums so that we could all stay in time.

Will and Kian played the chords of the song in a rock style on electric guitars whilst John played the bass line. Although we all did different things to contribute to the song, we all tried to incorporate features of other genres (rock, blues, rap) to create a fusion piece using all of our talents.


Student Bio

I started Confetti in 2020 with the hopes of pursuing a career in music (songwriting and performing), so this was definitely the perfect course for me to choose. Whilst being here, I’ve had the experience of working with a live band, adapting to different genres of music and practicing performing in front of people. Although I haven’t been able to be in college as much as I would’ve liked due to covid-19, I’m still happy with the progression I’ve made as an artist so far and I’m looking forward to carrying on this journey next year

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