Callum James Jolliffe

About the work

To create a drawing or a design I start with a brief idea in my head and a quick sketch on paper – after that the detail comes from the pen work.

The Dragon piece was for a commission. The client requested an A2 Dragon similar to Smaug from The Hobbit film. The drawing took about 10 hours and the colouring around 2 hours. Normally after I’ve finished drawing I would try and play with different filters over the art, before I post it on my Instagram or Facebook.

Drawings like the Cyber Demon from Doom come from requests on my Instagram.

Student Bio

At the start of my first year at Confetti, I set a goal: I wanted to improve and expand my art skills. Over the years I’ve seen a huge improvement in my style and my knowledge. This was due to Confetti’s facilities and opportunities, and their unrelenting support from teachers and students. I’ve never felt so safe and calm with work and never worried to speak out and ask questions. All the assignments and work set felt simplified and explained thoroughly. Even areas like writing and research were easy to understand. Even though 2020 and 2021 haven’t been the best years, I still feel I’ve been well educated and I still achieved the goal I’ve set for myself at the start.

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