Robyn Jacks

About the work


One of my favourite parts of concept art and image creation is creating narrative without words. This is a consistent theme throughout many of my images and animations. As seen in this image, focussing on the remains of a dragon: I find the lack of explicit details to be interesting to interpret and give an image depth. To create this image I used traditional techniques such as brushes within photoshop.


For this image I wanted to create the concept of massive ruins, abandoned for centuries, involving massive bridges and towers. However, drawing these straight into Photoshop would be difficult, so instead I first modelled the architecture in a 3D software and then photoshopped a 2D image of models. Thus creating this image without having to worry about perspective.


Creating narrative through landscape has been my main theme within my images. However, for this drawing I attempted to create the same element of untold narrative though expression. I chose to draw an expression of hatred yet leaving out any other details and using bright green highlights against a black background.

Old lake

This image was inspired by the artist Taki Katei, I created this landscape image with minimal details and colour, using a strong black brush to dominate the painting and outline the landscape.


An extremely simple image I created as a colour study, I wanted to create a strong brush of highlighted colour to emphasise the tiger’s natural bright colours.

Student Bio

Throughout my time at Confetti I have not only developed my skills in graphic design, a media I am very passionate about, but have also learned storytelling, character creation, cinematic skills and many more.

Confetti has given me opportunities that coincide with my aspirations in interesting and new ways, helping me develop my skills in the best way for me.

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