Jordan Bennett

About the work

My Celebrate project showcases just some of the pieces that I created over the past year.

For my 2D art I used Photoshop and followed a basic 2D art pipeline: all starting with a sketch, which was something I was quite familiar with.

For my 3D pieces, I had to do some research into the 3D art pipeline and it took a lot of patience and problem solving, but I managed to create a finished piece I am proud of.

Student Bio

I’m a second year student at Confetti and I’ve had a great time and learned a lot. I went from being somewhat decent at traditional pencil drawings, to being able to use Photoshop to create digital 2D art, as well as using 3DS Max to create 3D models, using Quixel to texture them and finally putting everything together in Unreal Engine.

Along the way, there have been plenty of challenging assignments, but all the same, there have been plenty of opportunities. Especially in things like Industry Week, where we got to speak to people with direct ties to any of the industries that we wanted to develop a career in.

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