Kira Nelson

About the work

Siren Design
While creating my own siren design, I went and researched multiple different sea creatures for inspection. Most notably, Axolotls, jelly fish, eels and anglerfish. The line art was done traditionally then scanned in the be digitalised and finished in Photoshop.

Memory Leach
A random monster design based on the monsters in D&D and, oddly enough, Pokémon. I worked in greyscale first before working in the colour, which helped me get the green to red gradient I wanted without it just looking muddy.

Apocalypse photo edit
I went out and got the photo first. I made a quick mock up of what I wanted, just sketching things in, changing the hue of the piece, and so on. Once I had a solid idea of what I wanted and went and either edited in or drew in different aspects, trying to make it look as realistic as I could.

Rest (they all follow the same process)
For most of my pieces I stuck with the same basic process. I create several small sketches to rough out my idea. I then look for references for poses or designs before actually drawing the pieces. I like experimenting towards the end of the drawing process, adding gradients and different effects.

Student Bio

I’ve had an absolutely amazing time at Confetti. I’m met some amazing people (students and tutors) and everyone pushes each other creatively. My arts improved a lot since I’ve come here but also myself as a person. As someone who wants to become a freelance artist, I feel Confetti’s helped me more than a normal art college could.

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