Emily Burge

About the work

After getting to grasp with the software, creating my Environmental Animation started with designing the environment and assets needs. I began on paper, sticking to what I knew with my sketchbook and planning out what I’d need to make. Taking the sketches to 3DS Max and then Unreal Engine 4 was a challenge, but I worked through white boxing, landscaping and texturing in Quixel to begin to put my environment together.

YouTube was a great help as I continued, and I did my own research in lighting, water effects, rain, and post-processing. Adding the after-effects to my project was the most enjoyable part for me, and I felt like I was beginning to tell a story using gorgeous graphics and stand-out lighting.

My animation included kinematics, lighting, cameras with different parameters, particle systems and various other techniques to create an atmospheric, full, and interesting environment I’d love to play and indulge myself in.

Student Bio

Confetti life has been a little unsettled this year, but just as vivid as ever. I had the opportunity to speak to some amazing people throughout Industry Week 2021, including incredibly talented female and queer artists and gamers who motivated me with their stories of perseverance and creativity.

Over the year, I developed skills in all forms of 2D and 3D art, working on a bigger project and finding a love and appreciation for 3D Environmental Art.

I continued this year despite the hardships to achieve my ambition of becoming a teacher – inspired by those who have taught me over the past two years – and it’s the support of my tutors that helped me to get into my dream university.

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