Kade Griffin

About the work

Fantasy Forest – This is one of my more recent pieces, my aim was to create a scene that depicted a fantasy forest, I wanted to create a magical atmosphere with a mysterious feel to it. I decided that I would make the forest somewhat dark with light emanating from a glowing animal, for this I decided a deer, I also added to this by surrounding it in bright blue fireflies to light up the scene. I spent most of the time working on the foliage (trees, grass and leaves) as I wanted to give the feel of it being an ancient forest. I am happy with the lighting; I think the light blue glow gives a magical feel to the scene.

Fenrir Card – This is one of the cards I created for the out of the box assignment, for my cards I based them around mythical creatures. This card is of Fenrir, a giant wolf from Norse mythology. My main goal with this was to give a sense of scale with the piece to show the size of Fenrir, for this I decided to have him trampling through a forest with trees being knocked down before him, I think this was successful and helps to make the piece stand out.

Griffin Card – This was the first card I created for the out of the box assignment, due to the theme of my cards being based around mythical creatures I felt that it was appropriate to create a Griffin. The main focus of the piece was the griffin itself, I used lots of different layers to build up the effect of the Griffins fur and feathers.

Mountain landscape – I think this piece stands out from my other work, I usually plan out what I create before I work on it, however the only idea I had for this at first was to create a mountainous landscape, the later parts such as the structures and the character came in later. I created the texture of the mountain through lots of different sized and coloured brush strokes that I then blended to create a more interesting looking ground. I then added the standing stones and stone structures to add more to the scene. I later added fog to create a sense of height and mystery. The last thing I added was the character and their horse. Overall, I think this was a good experimental piece, testing out different brush types and techniques and I think the overall result is quite simplistic and pleasing to look at.

Post-apocalyptic train station – This was my final piece for the DIY apocalypse assignment, I enjoyed creating this as I was able to create mix a more modern-day environment with nature. I took lots of photographs of different train stations to help inspire the designs of the architecture of the building, I then later went over everything and added things such as vines and moss. I put a lot of time into the lighting of this piece, I am happy with the large beam of light I created coming in through the roof and how it illuminates the rest of the scene. I did this by having several layers dedicated to the lighting of different objects and putting a lot of time into ensuring that it looks right.

Student Bio

My time at Confetti has been great as it has helped me to improve as an artist while also learning new skills and techniques. Two of the skills I have most enjoyed learning are digital art and animation, both of which I had no previous experience in. Now, these are the two forms of art I would like to continue exploring.

Events such as Industry Week have allowed me to get a closer look into the gaming industry and understand the different roles that are open to me in the future.

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