Kian Condon

About the work

Character Concept Art
I created a character sheet to show off my character ‘Cali’ for my games concept. I used multiple angles to help build the image up of my character and to show off all of the details of her design.

Environment Illustration
For this, I created a double-page spread of an environment for my games concepts comic. The comic is manga-inspired and to make it I used a lot of the same techniques known to be used in the manga industry.

Comic Cover
I created a comic cover for my comic, which I developed a logo with a custom font and  a simple portrait of my main character to make it.

Student Bio

Being a student at Confetti has allowed me to grow as an artist much more quickly than I have ever before. I’m always attempting new forms of art within assignments and learning new things in and out of my interests, which is helping me improve myself constantly with my artistic skills and the confidence in those skills.

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