Chrissie Perry

About the work

Chrissie is on our Level 3 Animation & VFX course and has been working on this project over the past year to produce pieces of work that are up to an industry standard and will give them a head start within their chosen sector.

Confetti prides itself on giving students an opportunity to work with industry professionals and tutors that have real life experience within their industries, the above work hopefully gives an insight into student life at Confetti.

Student Bio

Hi, I’m Chrissie. A non-binary 17-year-old who has been around an art environment since I was born, growing up my whole family was doing something arty, if it was painting, wood carving, drawing, tattoos and much more. As soon as I was able to hold a pencil I started doodling and making little sketches. After not bothering with drawing or any art I got back into my passion for art in secondary where I would doodle in my books and be the happiest in the art class. When my year started talking about the future and where we wanted to be I knew I didn’t want to be doing an office job typing away all day with no freedom and creativity, so I started taking my art seriously and decided it was time to practice my art style and figure what type of art, in the end, chose drawing both traditional and digital.

When I was looking into colleges I came into Confetti to see their Games Art course but decided to take a seek into VFX and animation and I’m pleased that I chose this course. I’ve been surrounded by amazing people with extremely different art styles, it helped me want to work hard and since then I’ve changed my own style and grown my confidence around my art. I became obsessed with drawing little ghosts after my first animation and it’s now become iconic to my art and my personality.

I hope to focus my art around spreading awareness for mental health and LGBT+. I want to be able to show those struggling that there are others going through it and want to help them, as someone who has struggled with both my identity and mental health I know and understand the importance of making awareness and supporting everyone for who they are.

I hope to go to uni to get my bachelors in fine art whilst also becoming a freelancer in which I’ll focus on concept art and illustration. I would like to work next to companies and newer artists who know what they want to make but may need some help. I would like to work with anyone who is interested in my art style as well as being inspired by others art styles and developing my own ways.

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