Thomas Hooper

About the work

Thomas is on our Level 3 VFX & Animation course and has been working on this project over the past year to produce pieces of work that are up to an industry standard and will give them a head start within their chosen sector.

Confetti prides itself on giving students an opportunity to work with industry professionals and tutors that have real life experience within their industries, the above work hopefully gives an insight into student life at Confetti.

Student Bio

Hey, my name is Thomas Hooper, and I am a student at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies. I have been studying Level 3 VFX & Animation for the past two years, to some extent, it’s not as if there was a global pandemic that ruined everything for everyone or anything.

Anyways, I have working on independent motion graphics, as well as 2D digital artwork, 3D modelling, video editing and Photoshop edits. I am very passionate about anything to do with digital… creation, I guess you would call it, and I sketch and practise my drawing skills when I have the free time, but I’m mostly playing video games all day, hiding from the responsibilities of life.

When I finish college, I am not too sure where my life will be going, but I guess that’s the same for everyone, but my hope is to become a self-employed artist, creating my own original work and helping out other people with their projects.

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