Ted Henderson

About the work

I’ve always been inspired by my own ideas in making 2D animations on YouTube. I watch a lot of animated shows like Rick and Morty, Paradise PD and Futurama. I mainly focus on Rainbow Six Siege as my subject that my animations are based on – it’s a popular FPS game that I liked to discuss with my friends since secondary school.

Student Bio

I also enjoy drawing my own characters and developing my skills in digital art, by creating fantasy weapons and some characters from Rainbow Six. I hope to do 2D animation and digital art on YouTube and other social media platforms as a career. I’ve recently drawn a piece of art based on character that I’ve always thought of, and I’m really proud of it. Also, I’m becoming more aspirational in my recent animations, where I’ve looked at some images and techniques for inspiration.

I’m looking online more at other people’s art to observe ways of drawing certain things to improve my artistic skills, for example I’m great at drawing torsos and legs, but I struggle with drawing eyes and hair – so I look at other people’s work for inspiration so I can generate my own technique and work from there. I hope to network with other lesser known animators to gain more recognition for my animations and art on the Internet.

I’m not thinking of going to University, but college so far is going great! I’m loving my course and my classmates around me.

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