Ted Henderson

About the work

My showreel is a great mix of the best work I’ve created outside of college and work that I was taught how to make in class. It shows my favourite 2D animations from my YouTube Channel and 3D animations/models created in Autodesk Maya from previous lessons (plus some great music).

The FMP (Final Major Project) is a 2D animation that features this particular character getting into situations throughout the game Battlefield 3 (a videogame I thoroughly enjoy playing). Constant use of sound effects and camera perspectives create the mood of each scene and my skills in Adobe Animate CC are what produced the project entirely.

Student Bio

In my first years, I was taught greatly how to use the tools in Adobe Softwares such as After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and briefly Premier Pro.

I’ve taken class trips and been to talks with Visual Effects professionals in the industry first-hand at the Metronome building in Nottingham and through online calls during Industry Week. Autodesk Maya is a powerful 3D modelling software I have been able to access since my 2nd year, and I really enjoyed animating the rigs we were tasked to use in lessons.

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