Luke Butler

About the work

I have decided to put all of my best work into one video to make myself a showreel showcasing what I have done and what my capabilities are in the industry. I prefer motion graphics over any other technique, so I have interpreted that into my final piece also.

Student Bio

My time at Confetti has been interesting, I originally came to Confetti as a games tech student. I didn’t like the course there, however, I knew that I wanted to stay at this college, so I moved to the VFX and Animation course around 3-4 weeks into the academy year. Year 1 was going well until COVID hit…

Confetti makes it their top priority to ensure that whoever leaves here is ready to pursue their career dreams. One way they do this is through Industry Week. Many big names in animation come in to talk to us about work in the industry and techniques to prepare us for our submissions and most importantly deadlines.

After leaving Confetti, I am hoping to become a motion graphics artist in social media advertising. I believe I can make it!

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