Nakiebra “Keebie” J. Palmer

About the work

My first year felt like a starting ground for my animation because I have learnt how to use Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate and Adobe Illustrator in more depth – those programs helped me:

  • Develop motion graphic animations (in my opinion, I find After Effects slightly easier to work with, but I prefer Adobe Animate more);
  • Provide lip-syncing;
  • Set out my tasks accordingly with the help of my production management applications that I downloaded;
  • Compose awesome transitions/animated images using Adobe After Effects.

Student Bio

Hi. I am Nakiebra “Keebie” Palmer, a 17-year-old animator, storyboard artist, gamer voice actor, singer-songwriter, rapper, script-writer, director, producer and former puppeteer who makes Let’s Plays, reaction videos, review videos and formally plush videos. Currently, I am in my first year in college studying VFX and Animation.

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