Maddie Cheetham

About the work

Maddie is on our Level 3 VFX & Animation course and has been working on this project over the past year to produce pieces of work that are up to an industry standard and will give them a head start within their chosen sector.

Confetti prides itself on giving students an opportunity to work with industry professionals and tutors that have real life experience within their industries; the above work gives an insight into student life at Confetti.

Student Bio

I am a VFX and Animation first year. I like to draw fan art and sketches in cool positions. I try to do different styles and try to add different races and the lgbtq+ community into my artwork. I have learnt some new stuff in the past year, but I have been doing this as a hobby for a few years and have been editing styled videos on my phone using different apps. With learning 3D next year, I am excited to get to use different stuff and learn more about how to use it for Animations and VFX.

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