Ellie Fleming

About the work

Ellie is on our Level 3 VFX & Animation course and has been working on this project over the past year to produce pieces of work that are up to an industry standard and will give them a head start within their chosen sector.

Confetti prides itself on giving students an opportunity to work with industry professionals and tutors that have real life experience within their industries, the above work hopefully gives an insight into student life at Confetti.

Student Bio

I am a 16-year-old female student, studying VFX and Animation with a passion for drawing traditionally and digitally. Typically, my style is based on either using sketch-like outlines or no outlines at all. I love creating a glow like effect on my drawings.  I look forward to learning 3D animation as it may open up others areas for me to look into. As it stands I’m not 100% sure on what I would like to do after college, however, I would like to work in drawing aspects of the industry, storyboarding, character design etc. Despite being employed soon, I will still be looking for a job in the areas mentioned. In terms of university, I would like to stay with Confetti.

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