Daffni Juyad

About the work

In my work I try my best to celebrate love and LGBT+ experiences, as well as recreate the adventure and fun of the comics, shows and cartoons I grew up with. I would very much like to attend an art university and meet like-minded people and artists, as well as hone my craft to further my career.

Although I’m not entirely sure which specific career I’d like to pursue, I just foresee a lot of instant ramen-fueled all-nighters in my future.

Student Bio

My name is Daffni Juyad. I’m a non-binary, 18-year-old, lesbian comic artist and illustrator.

I was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the UK about 13 years ago. I like to draw and share stories, and my art and comics can be found on the internet under the pen name “PantheraBastard”.

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