Jake Ojikutu

About the work

Jake is on our Level 3 VFX & Animation course and has been working on this project over the past year to produce pieces of work that are up to an industry standard and will give them a head start within their chosen sector.

Confetti prides itself on giving students an opportunity to work with industry professionals and tutors that have real life experience within their industries, the above work hopefully gives an insight into student life at Confetti.

Student Bio

Hello! My name is Jake and I am currently finishing my level 3 VFX and Animation course. I am 20 years old and moved to Nottingham from Liverpool when starting this course, in the hopes of starting at NTU once finishing at Confetti.

Throughout the course, I have found myself leaning more towards 2D animation and drawing, with my FMP being an animated short story that has been shortlisted for the 2021 Young Creative Awards. Although I have mainly enjoyed 2D work, 3D modelling and VFX has also been very fun to learn, and I hope to continue to incorporate these skills into future 2D work. Learning how to use software such as After Effects has greatly improved my work and has allowed me to bring my animations to life in a more professional way.

Starting this course with no animation knowledge and now leaving with a portfolio of work that I can be proud of has been a great experience, and as I start the animation degree at NTU this year, I look forward to continuing to grow my portfolio and create art that I can share. I hope to grow as an animator and one day compare the work that I am creating to the work I currently have and see the progress that I have made throughout the years.

I am excited for the future and eager to continue my journey into animation, and hope to make my way into the industry through my degree!

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