Ewelina Beata Augustyniak

About the work

All the animations and art pieces I do are highly inspired by Japanese anime style and themes. It is just me constantly trying something new and learning and experimenting while enjoying doing it.

Student Bio

My name is Ewelina, but people might often know me as Kira. I love doing anything that is literally creative. That includes taking photographs, animating, drawing, writing, and so much more. That is what I enjoy doing the most. I am just a content creator, trying to get far as I can get with creativity while learning so much more.

When I do any work, I always like to put in real feelings into it, normally based on what I feel or how someone else might feel because I feel like that’s the best way to make the work be good, as it isn’t just something very random out of nowhere, it always would be something that has a meaning within it.

Although I do not have a single clue what sort of career I would like to continue, I would love it if it could be something alongside creativity.

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