Amir Pourghoureiyan

About the work

In Term 2, we were tasked with designing a Zine that was informing readers about a chosen topic. I decided to base mine around the popular Vaporwave genre – my composition made use of photo-manipulation and illustration, I edited pictures by changing the colour mode to black and white, making copies of the image and its inverted version. Since I wanted to emulate duotone graphics, I primarily focused on shades of magenta and cyan due to their frequent use in Vaporwave media.

The illustrations were inspired by 80s media and its frequent use of basic shapes, I also drew inspiration from the macOS finder, which was also itself a retro call-back to the cubist movement.

I had hoped to incorporate more illustrations, but I had to prioritise the body text as that was the most important aspect of the project – creating a Zine that in order to be as inclusive as possible, informs not only through writing, but also illustratively through visual media.

Student Bio

I joined Confetti in September 2019 in search of further qualifications and tuition after graduating from Bluecoat that same year. At Confetti I have been given a plethora of opportunities and resources to take advantage of during the school year, many of these were not available prior, such as full access to the Adobe Creative Cloud and the T-Level internship programme. These have aided my growth as a graphic designer, helping me to expand my skill set, business networking abilities and experience.

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