Amir Pourghoureiyan

About the work

Playing cards
I used Illustrator to design the shapes, taking inspiration from classic suit designs and using current design trends to create modern versions of the set.

Chocolate concepts
I took inspiration from classic brands such as Blue Riband, Lindt and Galaxy. I used Illustrator for the logo typography, then compiled the design into a Photoshop 3D mockup for a chocolate bar, using separate accent colours and icons for each bar to distinguish each product from each other whilst still representing the same luxury line

This is an art piece I did for my GCSE Art theory. I used acrylic paint to create the painting, taking inspiration from the artist Ashley Wood and illustrated an image of myself into his art style by recreating the scene with the robot from his comic ‘Popbot’.

Student Bio

I joined Confetti in September 2019 in search of further qualifications and tuition after graduating from Bluecoat that same year. At Confetti I have been given a plethora of opportunities and resources to take advantage of during the school year, many of these were not available prior, such as full access to the Adobe Creative Cloud and the T-Level internship programme. These have aided my growth as a graphic designer, helping me to expand my skillset, business networking abilities and experience.

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