Ethan Kalib Newell

About the work

This piece I have submitted was one of my final submissions for my A2 Graphic Design project. It is an album cover for the music artist Joji. I tried to make the design look gloomy and dark whilst also giving off a psychedelic vibe. It was made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I used many tools and filters to make this design, one being a gradient map to make my sun fire background image red and burgundy. I chose to submit this design because I believe it is visually appealing and it is one of my favourite pieces that I have made since starting at Confetti.

Student Bio

Confetti has personally been a great decision for me. It offers many opportunities for the students here. Industry Week was one of the many opportunities I’ve taken part in and it was very beneficial for me. Being able to listen to what real graphic designers do and what they have done was very interesting and it helped learn more about my possible future career. I would like to be a graphic designer, so I would like to try and get into Nottingham Trent University. Confetti has taught me a lot since I first started in September and I am looking forward to my second year, where I will learn even more.

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