Kirsty Gregory

About the work

Good Vibes Soda Co. – This was part of a project to create a design for a soda can of our choice. I decided to create my own brand of soda targeted at young people aged 18-30 who enjoy travelling and having new experiences. I wanted to base it on associating a taste with a certain place/feeling and I thought basing the branding on travel would help the consumer associate the taste of the drink to a certain memory.

Student Bio

I started at Confetti in September 2020, with a love for illustration and graphic design. Over this past year, I have developed my skills in both art and design to use them in different scenarios such as branding, illustration and photography. I enjoy combining different elements of design to create a unique look for my work. This year I really enjoyed having talks from graphic designers during Industry Week as it gave me an honest and realistic look into what the industry is actually and next year I’m hoping to develop my skills in design even further.

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