Michalina Jurek

About the work

My first piece is a banner made for Pride Month 2020. It features my four Dungeon and Dragons characters that I have played in the past. The banner was my way of celebrating indoors about Pride month and it was created along with a short animation posted later on YouTube. It was meant to be more simple than my usual drawings.

My second picture also features my original characters but this time those are characters created in universe of a TV series ‘Star vs the Forces of Evil’. This time I drew it in my usual level of detail with a bit of painting in the foreground.

My third piece is a digital painting of a beautiful island. It’s more rare for me to paint in this way but I do enjoy creating landscapes in the style. I find them relaxing and very effective in portfolios. All of the drawings were made in Adobe Photoshop.

Student Bio

I first found out about Confetti from a family friend who said that it’s a great place for young artists, and they were right. From the moment I came there I was met with a huge amount of acceptance and passion for work. I got to learn many different Adobe programs, as well as many different styles and ways to amplify them. I also got an opportunity to work at Needy Cat Games as a character designer indent where I learned even more. For a long time I wanted to tell stories through my art but now I am more prepared to do it and be sure to do it right.

Check out more work from Michalina on DeviantArt and YouTube.

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