Michalina Jurek

About the work

Recently I revisited an old world-building project of mine and decided to continue. I imagine that there is a big desert on one of the main continents, a long time ago it once was a big, beautiful sea, full of life and colours. Unfortunately, due to arguments of the gods and tragic consequences of it, in modern-day, there is little to nothing to indicate that that place uses to be beaming with life. Just sand and salt – but once in a blue moon the spirits of the creatures that use to live there come back to their home for one night. Dancing in the air to a song of a creature known only to a few. The guardian for this waistband, singing a tune of life, destruction, and memory, from dusk till dawn.


Student Bio

Not to sound too cheesy, but I came to England to pursue my passion and get a better future. When I first came to Confetti for an open day in 2019 I was impressed as I saw a place where I can make my dreams come true. For the next two years, I was able to not only develop my skillset, but I gained knowledge of the industry thanks to the internship and started creating a network of contacts within it.

I adore character illustrations and animation, but thanks to my course I developed a fondness for vector graphics and typography. Not only that allowed my style to evolve to a more professional level but also made me feel ready for any new project I might take on.

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