Eve Tuckwood

About the work

Thank you card
I made multiple layers and on each one I created an outline of mountains with a small gap in between them. For the bottom layer I used an image from Google of a silhouette of trees and then pasted this in and expanded it so I could then change the colour. I also did this with the birds. To get the colours to all match I selected different shades for each layer. For the text, I copied it twice and made one of them a darker colour and placed it under the other to create a shadow.

Andy Welland inspired work
I created four artboards and made different patterns on them making sure the colours contrasted but looked good. Then I created the shapes and how I wanted it to look. I then copied the shapes and placed them on the patterns and masked them to make them one. I then added it all together to create the whole piece.

Geometric dog
This piece was made this by finding an image of a dog and then using the pen tool to create some shapes of the major facial features and after it was covered I used different colours to add shading.

Student Bio

My experience with Confetti has been challenging but has made me into a much better designer and has given me many skills I will be able to use in my future. Throughout the year we had some amazing opportunities to participate in, such as Industry Week. During this we went to lots of different talks and got to speak to some people who are in the same career my college course is leading me in to. We also had the opportunity to do some work experience with graphic design companies. At the end of my two-year course I hope to achieve my target grades and then proceed to go to a great university and pursue my graphic skills there. I hope to get a job in the industry in the future.

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