Chloe Harris

About the work

  1. Beauty and The Beast in the style of Olly Moss
    One of our assignments at Confetti was to research and perform a presentation on a chosen artist/designer so I chose Olly Moss. While researching his work I found inspiration to create my own piece based on the movie Beauty and the Beast. I sketched out the design initially and then traced my sketch using the pen tool in Illustrator, building up shapes with different tones and colours.
  2. Alice in Wonderland Cards
    While quarantined, Confetti provided us with weekly graphic design challenges. One of the weeks we were required to design four playing cards all in the same style. I decided to create an Alice in Wonderland theme for my cards in a bold style. I used a Wacom Tablet and drew the designs by hand on Photoshop taking inspiration from other designs of the characters.
  3. My logo
    In our creative portfolio assignment at Confetti, one of the criteria was to create our own logo from our initials. I created mine using my Wacom Tablet on Photoshop and added effects to my drawing afterwards. I wanted it to look modern and smooth so I chose flattering colours to achievethis.

Student Bio

Since starting at Confetti I have made immense progress in my design skills and abilities. I have discovered more of my passion for illustrating and even doing freelance work, creating emoticons for creators online to use. I have been able to have opportunities to work with many growing creators due to my knowledge and passion in design. As my journey through confetti proceeded, I figured out a future plan of wanting to move to the US to pursue an education in design in the hopes to eventually live there and work for a large design company.

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