Joshua Edwards

About the work

The project I’m submitting is a playing card project we worked on close to the start of the course. I edited images I had drawn fully, to be mirrored vertically, to create the effect that royal cards have got. I also have a slightly textured background because I remember during my research, the more expensive cards I saw had a textured background which I tried to imitate.

I drew my own suit logos which turned out awesomely in my opinion, they are faceted versions of the suits, to make them look more gemstone-like. The characters on the cards are my own original characters, who have relationships between them, and if you look at the back card (bottom right) you can see that the lady with purple hair is intertwined with the one with black hair.

Student Bio

I chose my course because I really enjoy digital art, creating it and viewing, and, I’d love to work on comics one day, so I decided it was the right decision. During my free time, I create artwork for myself and paying customers, in form of character commissions, which is extremely fun and a good way to be creative, I also try to sell characters I design myself over on my Instagram. A small project I’ve been working on has been a comic of my own, based on a male version of Harley Quinn, however it’s only in rough sketch form as of typing this since comics are a lot of drawing and I want to finalize the story before going digital.

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