Morgan Emily Brooks

About the work

Project 1 – Purebean Coffee

Within this project, I experimented with branding in order to create a new and unique coffee brand and franchise. I decided to take on this project due to my love of high-quality coffee chains, and I wanted to express this passion of mine within my own graphic design work. The main branding consists of simple illustrative and somewhat geometric ideas combined with typography in order to create branding that is clear as well as decorative. I took advantage of Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator in order to formulate this project.

Project 2 – Passé Logo Design

The images as shown are examples of possible logo designs for a brand that I created. The brand goes by the name of Passé, which is a French word that often refers to vintage products or figments of the past. The branding primarily focused on being a clothing brand for vintage and retro clothing, however, I decided to only include the logo designs as I really liked the final outcome. I used Adobe Illustrator for these logo designs.

Project 3 – Zine design

Creating a zine was one of my favourite projects of this year. Furthermore, these images are representative of the prototypes that I created during the process. The zine focused on the idea of subcultures and our own interests, for my own zine, I decided to focus on creating a mini Zine about fictional and real-life witchcraft. As you can see, I took advantage of illustrative work and typography in order to create a final product that was informative as well as visually appealing. The zine was created using Adobe InDesign as well as Illustrator.

Student Bio

My time at Confetti has provided me with a wide range of opportunities that I wouldn’t normally have been given if I were to have gone anywhere else. My opportunities within Confetti have consisted of being a student representative, as well as taking part in Industry Week. Being at Confetti has also allowed me to progress my own skills within the industry. This was done by undertaking a remote work placement with a local design agency by the name of STENCIL. Through doing this, I was able to learn more about what working in a design team is like and how to develop my skills even further as a designer.

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