Molly Bloodworth

About the work

McFly tour poster – This was created as part of my Branding and Advertising assignment. I created this as a tour poster for McFly’s album Young Dumb Thrills. I used a few different pieces of software to create this. This includes Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Fresco.

McFly faceless poster – This is another example of a McFly poster for my Branding and Advertising assignment. I used Adobe Fresco to create this and used an image and different brushes. I chose this style as it’s something that I a bit different but still represents the band.

Zine – This is the zine that I created for my zine assignment. I used a subculture which I was interested in and created it around that. To create this, I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This is one of my favourite pieces from my second year at college. This zine is in the style of a Risograph as it is only three colours.

Challenge-trg Christmas social media campaign – This is a social media campaign that I created as part of my college work placement with STENCIL. I created this using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. This was the first piece that I used InDesign for. I was given a blank truck design from a previous social media campaign and put a Christmas twist on to it to advertise for truck delivery drivers.

Student Bio

In my second year of college, I have been able to learn new skills and gained experience within a company. Opportunities such as Industry Week and work experience have been vital when growing as a designer. Industry Week allowed me to meet industry professionals (even online) and get a look into how they work and gave me an idea about my future. I was lucky enough to work with a company and gain insight into what my future could be like and allowed me to learn new software. The aspirations of my second year were to learn new skills in software and get the grades I need for the future. I believe that I have achieved that.

This year has been challenging with the current global situation, however, being at Confetti has allowed me to learn how to adapt and work remotely. I have really enjoyed my time at Confetti.

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