Jade Cox

About the work

Marina and Pearl opening act
This is the oldest image out of this group, dating back to before my college days. This was done using the Marina and Pearl Amiibo as reference.

FtK Isabelle
This is a simple image of the character Isabelle from Animal Crossing in the style of the artist FtK (Fluttershy the Kind).

Beltane Mural
This is a tradition I do for each Sabbat, where I draw a stained-glass window based on the traits of the holiday. This one is based on Beltane.

Mountain Kaiju
This a collage utilising photos and illustrations blended them together with layer styles to make them look natural and dynamic.

Crystal Beast Sketches
These are six of the sketches from my crystal beast deck series where I drew a sketch of every card in the crystal beast YuGiOh deck.

Student Bio

As a student at Confetti I have had many opportunities throughout my course to try out new techniques and programs I wouldn’t have even touched otherwise, and thanks to the lockdown I’ve also had extra time to refine my own illustration skills.

Although my strengths primarily lie with character illustration, Confetti has allowed me to dabble with all areas of graphic design, from shirts to logos to photo manipulation.

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