Jade Cox

About the work

In this project, I had to pick a particular property to create two poster designs for. I was given a few examples in the brief, but I decided to brainstorm a few of my own, namely: A modern art gallery, A My Chemical Romance band poster or a Steven Universe cartoon poster. After much deliberation, I chose option 3 as it was more open to experimentation than the art gallery and played much more to my strengths than the My Chemical Romance poster did.

After deciding on the subject, I had to pin down exactly what my design idea would be, and I came up with the two ideas: Cookie Cat and Rose (in the context of the show these two ideas make sense). Once I knew these were my ideas, I produced 4 different compositions for each and picked the best of each, then refined it further and further until they were ready to be made. Once they were, I got to work and produces the two posters shown here.

Student Bio

Despite lockdown, I’ve been given a myriad of opportunities to learn and develop my skills in practical, interesting ways. From Industry Week, to working with Zine printers, to even being given access to tools not normally available to students elsewhere. I’ve learnt more about skills I will be using in the industry from 2 years at Confetti than I did in 5 years of secondary school.

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