Oliver Mather

About the work

For the first piece of work I was set to redesign an album cover and Heaven or Hell was my favourite album at the time. I was researching for the project and saw somebody doing space redesigns of other artists covers and it inspired me to do this myself. Once I had this idea I started by developing the background, so I made a star background and added a red planet in the distance as red resembles hell. I created a moon for the car, which is the main part of the image, to stand on and then copied the car from the original and changed its saturation until I found a colour that fitted more with the theme. Also from the original, there is the heaven sign which I felt I must include as it is half of what the album is about.

This is my bioluminescence event poster which I created in my Derby Zoo and Aquarium project. I came up with this idea in one of my first mind maps of the project and ever since I got the idea I was trying to think of a way I could create an image showing what I want off as it has never been done before. The idea around this poster is that you go into a tank room where it is very dark and then the bioluminescent fish will light up and you can get to see it in front of you as the main light source. So, it will look like you are being surrounded by glowing animals which I think would be amazing and look cool. In this project, I spent most of my time on other ideas, so this poster isn’t at its full potential, but I tried to show this event in as simple a way as possible as my target audience are children. I used a lot of the outer/inner glow blending modes to create this glowing effect on all the animals and some text, but if I had more time I think I could have created a better glow effect. This event is very unique as its never been done before so it makes my poster completely different to others.

Student Bio

My first year at Confetti has been amazing, even with the restrictions of Covid they have made me feel welcome and I feel like I have learnt a lot of new skills in the past months. When everything was online they gave us the opportunity to listen to some experienced designers and ask them questions, so that we knew what it’s like once we finish our course – this was Industry Week and next year we will be able to do it at the college so it’ll be even more useful. The teachers have all been very friendly and will offer to help you even if you don’t ask.

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