Sophia Bensalem

About the work

These are my final designs for the branding and advertising project. I created the packaging designs and the logo in Adobe Illustrator and I created the posters and mock-ups in Photoshop. I wanted my work to convey a simplistic style, but also to be fun and energetic. For the logo, I created four different variations depending on the background so that the logo would be most visible. I created two but one with the blue and pink swapped. I also did the same but with black and white.

During the process, I did research on other smoothie brands like Innocent to get an idea of the target market and style of design. I did a lot of sketching and development for the logo and packaging designs before coming to the final designs.

Student Bio

I started at Confetti in September 2020 doing the Graphic Design course. Before I started at college I had never used most of the software that we used to create designs but as the year has progressed I have gained so many new skills and a better eye for design.

In late November I started a work placement with a company called Ignite! With the job title of graphic designer. Me and two other students created a magazine for the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity. I gained a lot of confidence from this experience.

Over the year I have learnt that my strong point in design is branding and advertising through my Challenge week work and my recent branding and advertising project.

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