Bailey West

About the work

For our project we were required to make an artefact to promote food safety, we chose to make a first-person shooter game which is within a supermarket from the perspective of an ant-sized player. The player’s objective is to rid the supermarket of infected food by firing chemical compound that contains the cure to infection at the enemies.

In this project, I was responsible for almost all of the models and textures within the game – I had some great fun working on this game.

Student Bio

Confetti was a great opportunity for me – I was able to try out and learn industry-standard software that I otherwise would never have tried or had access to. I am currently developing my 3D skills by learning new software as well as new workflows for software I have previously learnt. My passion currently is virtual reality. My aspiration is to work on a project that is either designed from the ground up for VR or a VR supported title. My second aspiration is to have a career within the games industry.

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