Jacob Crew

About the work

Project: Workout is an interactive environment in which the user moves around to safely use gym equipment in a controlled environment to fulfil a theme of “moving for health”.

Project: Workout is the culmination of what I have learnt at Confetti. As the programmer on the team I was responsible for the inner working of the project and I couldn’t be prouder of it, even though it’s a little rough around the edges. The processes to get it to a finished state include bug testing with college classmates, to help cut away the bugs that plagued early versions and going over my code with college teachers to help further it to where it needed to be.

Student Bio

My journey at Confetti has been a wild ride, from my beginnings in my first year as a bright-eyed child. I learnt the basics of 3D design, app development and programming language quickly within the first term, from there we built on those skills throughout the rest of the year. Although stunted by COVID-19, the education I have gotten and the friendships I have made at Confetti will stick with me forever.

During my time at Confetti, whether it be through online learning due to the pandemic or the limited in-person time we have had, I have been given many opportunities. The foremost of them all being the two Industry Weeks I was able to participate in where we were introduced to members of the games industry and beyond, with big names like Hugo Martin being commonplace. We learnt what it is like to work in a live environment and how we can prepare for the industry.

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