Shen-Kai Patel

About the work

This game was made for Confetti’s Game Jam in December for the theme ‘Alternate Christmas’. I put forward so much coding we had not even learned yet and tried my absolute hardest and I got a map with random spawners – however I was not able to get the random generation of enemies without them landing on certain parts of the map so camping enemy spawn is a problem.

This game took a lot of time and research to create – however for the Game Jam it was a worthwhile project and I leaned so much while working with my team.

Student Bio

My time at Confetti has been priceless, but the friends I made along the way plus the easy engagement with tutors contributed to some of the best years of my life so far. Industry Week opened up a whole new window for games development that I never knew existed and even made me question my fighting game skills in Confetti’s own King of Iron Fist tournament.

I was on Notts TV for PPD live and got to explain my view on issues plaguing the world. Without Confetti I would have missed out on so much, but I have met so many cool people with amazing ideas. They inspired me to add so much more to my own project.

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