Shen-Kai Patel

About the work

The story begins last year with a Christmas game jam that I did during my first year at Confetti. It was wildly unfair since we were up against the second years as well, however I pulled through to produce the game Fallen Christmas, a game about shooting evil presents that attack you.

Your only objective is to survive. Flash forward to my second year and I have chosen to reboot the original game with numerous upgrades. This game now features 4 unique classes with online functionality to play with friends. While currently still in the demo stage the game is planned for a full release in early December.

This game features animated backgrounds, custom loading screens and even an underlying story combined with another, relatively harmless, project.

Student Bio

My time at Confetti has been something to treasure. When it comes to putting yourself in the industry, you have all the help you could want. But when it comes to actual design you need to be ready to go beyond the call of duty. I figured this out and this is reflected in my Celebrate project, my journey lead me to a reliable team of friends that helped my weaknesses every step of the way and even assisted in the project’s production.

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