Tobias Kennedy

About the work

Both my pieces were projects set for my course and were mandatory to complete. My Tiny Room Construction was a showcase of my 3D model and animation and the Creative Project was a showcase of my Unreal blueprinting. The production of the assets involved a mix of self and peer feedback helping me create better finished projects.

Student Bio

When I first arrived at Confetti, I had limited access and no experience with 3D modelling and 2D design software. Over the course of my first year, I have learned to use Maya and Photoshop to design, model and texture assets ready for use in Engine.

I have also improved my Unreal blueprinting skills and my familiarity with the engine.

During my time at Confetti, I have been given opportunities to meet and speak with industry professionals through Industry Week. I have also been assisted by Study Zone helping with my focus and attitude towards the work I do at college.

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