Carianne Billington

About the work

The first project is Tiny room – this project took three weeks to complete, and I used Maya to get the models complete and used Photoshop to get the textures.

The second project is my game. For the game I have made models and textures. This game, which doesn’t have a name yet, is in work in-progress. The aim of the game is to shoot the enemy while defending a nuke that is underground. That the head of the orcs want to blow it up.

Student Bio

Carianne is a Game Tech Student. Looking to be a 3D modeller or a work on game production. If you can’t find her, she will be in her office creating models or testing, creating games or playing games.

She came to Confetti in 2018, for Level 2 Games Technology and moved up to Level 3 first year in 2019. She is planning to join year 2 of Level 3 Games Technology and further her education through university. Throughout Confetti she have tried her best to hit targets to achieve the best she can.

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