Joshua Crabb

About the work

Click To Play: I was tasked with making a menu for a Sci-fi, fantasy or horror game. I decide on the Sci-fi menu.

Creative Project: This project tasked me with creating an asset for a company called unruly ember, which they would use in their new sci-fi themed game.

Graphics Showpiece: This project tasked me with creating 3 pieces of concept for a post-apocalyptic theme game. One must have been an environment piece, the second had to an ability pickup and the last had to be a weapon that the player would use.

In Another Castle: This project asked me to create levels in the unreal engine based on levels we had already made in the past.

Tiny Room: This project tasked me with creating a room based a theme.

Student Bio

While at Confetti I went on to develop new skills in the Unreal Engine, Maya and Adobe Photoshop. In term 2 we had Industry Week which was a great experience and allowed me to meet John Romero one of the original creators of Doom.

I aspire to be a game developer with knowledge of every area of the industry. I hope to start developing my own game by the end of the year.

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