Jayme Field

About the work

This video shows a room I created the interior for, both showing the 3D models and textures I made myself. Included are chairs, a round table in the center and a couple of weapons that go with the theme.

The theme I had in mind for this was a Lair for DC villains, there is a chair for each of the characters I thought of: The Joker, The Riddler, Scarecrow and Two-Face, with each of the chairs having self-drawn logos I made to resemble them; as well as The Riddler’s cane and Scarecrow’s scythe.

This took, in terms of days I worked on it, around a week, with making models and UV-ing taking 3-4 days, a couple days for making icons and a final day for importing and putting in the room. This was fairly easy to do, and with the logos for each villain being drawn by me, I had fun getting back into drawing again.

Student Bio

When I first joined Confetti, I was really shy and did not think I’d do make friends or take part in events. Within the first week this became the complete opposite and I made friends, had a lot of fun learning with the brilliant tutors I have and took part in a ton of events Confetti has to offer.

Since starting, I have learnt more in the past year than I thought I would, which is definitely down to how great the tutors are here, and I don’t think I would have gotten this far without them or the support Confetti gives.

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