Joe Winterbottom

About the work

I’ll be featuring a few of my own projects, such as my creative project where I had to create an asset for a soft sci-fi game whilst including elements relating to STEM. The other projects I will be featuring are my Tiny Room Project where I created a small room and had to fill it with my own assets that I created in Maya. I have also submitted my Graphics showpiece project, where I had to make three concepts for assets set in a post-apocalyptic world

Student Bio

I joined Confetti’s Games Technology course as I believed this was the best course to help me reach my ideal job as a 3D artist in the industry.

While at Confetti I learned how to use new software, such as Unreal Engine and Maya, as well as gaining deeper knowledge of the gaming industry. In term 2 we had Industry Week which was a great experience and allowed us to meet many people in the industry and hear about their experiences and journeys to how they got where they were now.

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