Sam Baverstock

About the work

Same Day Delivery is a short game about delivering a package in time. You need to dodge and weave through traffic, and avoid the police hot on your tail in order to speed your way to the delivery address in time.

This is the first project Sam has seen to a level of completion, as his previous projects have never got past the experimental alpha stages of development. It has been incredibly useful for him to finish his first project inside unreal, and he plans to continue working on it as his skills develop. Working on this project entirely independently has been great for developing his skills as well, while progress has been slower his ability to research and solve problems has been just as useful to learn as his game development skills itself.

Sam’s focus on this project has been the development of game mechanics. Visual style and level design is not part of Sam’s primary skill set, and he believes that held him back during the project. In the future he would like to try and work in a team where everyone could focus on their individual strengths during development.

Student Bio

Sam is finishing his first year of L3 games technology and has experience QA testing for River Horse Games.

He has a passion for coding and gaming, both digital and tabletop. Sam is working hard toward a Computer Science degree in order to pursue a job coding in the tech industry.

Problem solving and grasping new concepts are big drivers for Sam and will carry him through to a role in the industry.

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