Sam Baverstock

About the work

ChefMania is a fast-paced, arcade cooking game where the player must quickly complete short minigames to complete a variety of recipes, all the while learning important information about food safety.

Cooking is a skill that everyone should learn! But it’s important whilst cooking to prepare food in a safe manner. ChefMania is a game that reinforces safe cooking practices like handwashing but does it in a fun and engaging way across a number of different recipes. Through short minigames, players will need to react fast to cook a variety of food step by step, the better you perform the higher your score. Can you reach three stars on all recipes?​

Student Bio

Sam has just wrapped up his third year at Confetti, completing the Level 3 Games Technology course. COVID and remote learning have been a major challenge that Sam has overcome, and he hasn’t let it stop him from enjoying his time at Confetti.

The highlight at Confetti for him has been the 2021 Industry Week; “Industry Week is always a highlight for me, but this year’s has been the best so far. The remote access available due to COVID allowed me to attend more talks than ever before, and the Confetti team outdid themselves with the guest list. My favourite talks were Brenda & John Romero, whose influence on the games industry is second to none, and Russell T Davies, a fantastic writer who talked about his latest show.”



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